Sustainability consulting with a specialization in
Compliance, Governance and Risk

As a specialized management consultancy, we accompany you at the interface between
neo-ecology, compliance, risk management and good corporate governance.


… of Germans think that industry does too little for environmental and climate protection in Germany.

– Statista Research Department

> 50%

… of Germans attach high value to a climate-neutral or sustainable (future) employer.

– IUBH Internationale Hochschule


… of Germans believe that companies are responsible for solving global environmental problems.

– Statista Global Consumer Survey (GCS)

Sustainable Disruption

Sustainable Success and Innovation through Compliance, Governance and Risk

Corporate social responsibility is increasingly expected by various stakeholders and especially by customers. Meeting these expectations can be achieved through a sustainability strategy tailored to the company along the entire value chain. An important component is the fulfillment of internal and external regulatory requirements. The strategic goal of your efforts is the efficient improvement of relationships with customers, employees and other stakeholders in order to remain ready for the future and to set yourself apart from the competition.

The Future is Sustainable

Sustainable Disruption is the sustainability consultancy specializing in compliance, governance and risk. We contribute to sustainable and future-proof growth by strengthening responsible corporate governance and strategically minimizing risks.

Regulatory Framework
The increasing regulation in the sustainability sector is very challenging and requires specialized expertise to ensure a compliant implementation of your sustainability strategy. We provide you with inter- and multidisciplinary support with a focus on compliance, governance and risk.
Sustainability Management
In accordance with the requirements of the Compliance, Governance and Risk areas, we work with you to develop and implement an individually tailored sustainability management system. If available, we integrate this into your existing compliance management system or other management systems.
Risk Management
Together with you, we establish a pragmatic risk management or expand your existing one with regard to the three sustainability aspects of ecological, economic and social aspects. Together, we develop a risk-relevance analysis, identify and evaluate risks with regard to sustainability, and create tailor-made measures for risk minimization.
CSR Reporting Obligation
Regardless of the size of your company and the scope involved, we will support you in the preparation of your reporting. In this way, your objectives and measures are presented transparently and publicly.
Materiality Analysis
As part of the materiality analysis, we focus on the challenges in the areas of compliance, governance and risk. In connection with the most important sustainability aspects, we conduct a strategic analysis for you and subsequently ensure implementation in your company.
Sustainability Governance
With the help of targeted measures, such as establishing advisory board structures or advising your supervisory boards, we optimize and perfect your governance structures together with you and accompany you into the future of good corporate governance.

Who is Sustainable Disruption for?

Responsible Companies

For companies that are aware of their sustainable responsibility and want to integrate compliance, governance and risk into their corporate culture.

Committed Companies

For companies that are already committed to sustainability but want to exploit even more of their sustainability potential.

Efficient Companies

For companies that do not have the resources to address sustainability themselves and yet do not want to forego expertise.

As a sparring partner at the interface of compliance, governance and risk, we enable businesses
of all sizes and in all industries.

With our interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary expertise of management consultants, business lawyers and computer scientists we accompany you on the way to sustainable management.

Workshops and Trainings

Workshops and trainings that are part of our service packages can also be booked independently.

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valvisio group

Sustainable Disruption is the sustainability unit of valvisio group. This allows us and ultimately you to benefit from the concentrated consulting expertise in the areas of compliance, governance and risk.

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