Management Consulting for Sustainability
made in Nuremberg

As a catalyst for environmentally conscious and future-driven transformation,
we accompany companies on their way to sustainability.


… of Germans consider it important for a company to have climate protection seals.

– IUBH Internationale Hochschule

> 50%

… of Germans attach high value to a climate-neutral or sustainable (future) employer.

– IUBH Internationale Hochschule


… of Germans believe that companies are responsible for solving global environmental problems.

– Statista Global Consumer Survey (GCS)

Sustainable Disruption

Success and innovation through sustainable strategies and holistic management

Various stakeholders and especially customers expect companies to demonstrate social responsibility. In order to meet these expectations, a sustainability strategy tailored to the company is now absolutely vital. Through an innovative sustainability strategy along the entire value chain of the company, you can efficiently improve relationships with customers, employees, and other stakeholders in order to remain ready for the future and to set yourself apart from the competition.

As a catalyst, we accompany and advise companies on their way to a sustainable corporate strategy and implement a sustainable corporate culture together with you. Sustainable Disruption is the sustainability consulting of valvisio group from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg.

The Future is Sustainable

Sustainable Disruption contributes not only to transforming processes, creating new resource streams, or strategically reducing waste and costs, but also to growing new markets, rethinking business models, and creating sustainable long-term profit streams.

Save Energy
To what extent can energy usage in your company be reduced and made sustainable?
Work & Resources
How can work processes and resources be designed and used more smartly, efficiently and sustainably?
Subsidies & Certification
What funding and certification opportunities are there and what requirements do you have to meet?
Global Positioning
How can you best position your company in the areas of sustainability and innovation?
Sustainability & Marketing
Which strategies and measures can you use without just greenwashing?
Sustainable Digitalization
How do you make your company digitally and technologically sustainable, for example with regard to green IT?

Who is Sustainable Disruption for?

Responsible Companies

For companies that are aware of their sustainable responsibility and want to integrate it into their corporate culture.

Committed Companies

For companies that are already committed to sustainability but want to exploit even more of their sustainability potential.

Efficient Companies

For companies that do not have the resources to address sustainability themselves and yet do not want to forego expertise.

As a sparring partner, we primarily empower small and medium-sized enterprises in their sustainable transformation and accompany them on their way to sustainable business.

In addition, we advise startups on the foundation and development of sustainable business models as part of our interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary expertise.

Case Study

Exemplary presentation of the implementation of a sustainability strategy in a customer project.

BASIS – The Company
  • SME
  • ca. 130 employees
  • Customers in the German-speaking region
  • Conservative corporate culture

Our Services

We provide you with an individual service package, which is based entirely on your needs and requirements.

644 Mt

of CO2-emissions per year in Germany

15,98 Million

Germans buy Fair Trade products


Earth Overshoot Day
for Germany

227 Kilogram

use of paper per person in Germany

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valvisio consulting GmbH

Sustainable Disruption is the sustainability unit of valvisio group. As a result, we and ultimately you benefit from the combined consulting expertise in the areas of Strategy, Compliance & Technology of valvisio consulting GmbH and valvisio international AG.

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CDR Technology Framework

CDR Technology Framework

Are you also interested in corporate responsibility outside the sustainability sector? With our CDR Technology Framework, another valvisio group product, we create a framework for corporate responsibility in the digital sector.

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